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Hi, I'm Dan. I built this site, and my buddy Jon designed it.

Studies show that you'll only read about 20% of this message1. In fact, we're lucky you even navigated to our about page. I mean honestly, who does that? (Champs like you. You do.)

So thank you for taking the time to make these words a part of your lived experience. In essence, that's what Recca is all about – lived experience and the recognition that it's our most plentiful and easily acquired, yet precious resource.

• • •

Every day, each of us makes a non-negotiable trade. We give up a fraction of our time on Earth. And in return, we get to collect experiences – great and terrible and everywhere in-between.

This exchange happens every moment. It's happening right now and we can't help it. So we do things. We go places. We buy stuff. We eat and drink. We experience life. And if we're lucky, through time and trial and error, we find things that satisfy us enough to return to them. We find our "go-tos". And since each of us is different, and we spend our time in different ways and in different places, we find different things to love.

These things that we love; they tell a story.

In a way, they are the most honest reflection of our own unique journeys – how we came across something, where we were, or who we were with. And the story they tell isn't concerned with appearances or filters or selfies. It reaches deeper than how the world perceives us because it stems instead from how we perceive and experience the world.

When you need to unwind at the end of a long week, what TV show do you turn on? Where do you go to get your hair cut? What do you wash your face with? What song do you associate with your favorite memories?

Recca was built to provide us the opportunity to share our stories – expressed through the things we love – with people we know and the communities around us. In doing so, we can get to know each other more deeply, get better answers for products and services that fulfill our needs, and probably discover some great new things in the process.

• • •

Thank you for checking us out. We hope that this site grows and that people like you contribute to it, whether by asking great questions for new reccs, or by providing your own reccs for others to discover. Or by inviting your friends to see what they love and to get their recommendations.

We intend to monetize the site by linking out to some of the things you've recommended. And in the near future we hope to enable users to monetize their own recommendations and influence. But right now we're focused on populating the site with fun and useful reccs. Everything has to start somewhere, and I couldn't be happier to see you here at the start of this.

If you want to learn more, you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I'd love to connect. The best way to reach me and the team is by joining our discord.

Sending you my best,

Builder @ Recca



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