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Recca is the easiest way to monetize your audience for the long term, without feeling like a shill.






With Recca, users can discover, share, and receive personalized recommendations for their favorite things, from television and movies to products and restaurants, fostering a vibrant community of enthusiasts and shared knowledge.

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How the Influencer Program works

Add some reccs

Select a category that you know well. Browse existing "prompts" for reccs or create a new one. Answer prompts with things you'd genuinely recommend.

Refer your audience

Send your audience to your Recca profile, where they can see everything you love and follow you to stay updated on new reccs.

Get paid by brands

Any time someone follows your recommendation, you earn commission. No limits or expirations, and we do all the work to set up relationships with brands.

What you get as an Influencer

Influencer status on Recca is assigned per category (up to 3 per user). Influencers receive the following benefits for each of their assigned categories:

Every user who follows the category will receive your reccs in their feeds and inboxes, regardless of whether they follow you specifically.

Category pages (like will feature your profile and a short selection of your most recent reccs.

You will earn commissions on all monetized recommendations via revenue share.

In addition, all influencers in any category are given automatic verified status on Recca.

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